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Our vision at Tapaas is to give our customers insights they need to Optimise Profits

Insights that optimise profits come in a variety of forms.  They may come through the Visualisations provided in Tapaas Dashboards; Signals delivered into Algorithms or Trading Engines in fractions of a second; or observations of trends and new technologies and techniques we see in the marketplace.

We have created the Insight newsletter to share these insights with our community of customers, partners, and prospects to stimulate discussion, further exploration and learning.  So, please subscribe, provide feedback and join the conversation.

— David Hall, Co Founder, Tapaas

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Trader Watchlist

Tapaas Alpha has the ability to tag Trader Accounts as members of a Watchlist.   The Add to Watchlist action appears in several places where one would likely want to make this decision.  For [...]


Exploring short term Profit Per Million and Trader PnL

Is Profit Per Million (PPM) in the first 30 seconds post trade a good predictor of a Traders’ Realised Profit when they ultimately close their positions.


Making Code, Data and Visualisation More Human

Mike Bostock announces d3.express, a major step in advancing his vision to make code, data and visualisation more human.  Using the Note Book paradigm like Jupyter, he has developed a Web First [...]


Don’t wait until you’ve lost $500k in a day, to call me.

With a week in Cyprus at the iFX Expo just wrapping up, I want to share one key insight from many of the conversations I had with several new brokers. If you are starting a new FX Broker, [...]


Announcing ‘Tapaas Lite’, Targeting Small to Medium Retail Brokers

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