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We process millions of trades and market events per day in real-time

to visualise your risk; automate remedial action; and alert you to what matters most.

Using our Algorithmic Trading Experience

to help you Profit from Insight we derive from your data

Making the powerful technologies of Wall Street Algorithmic Trading accessible to Retail FX Brokers.
Things that worked in the past will no longer do
Other Risk Management systems collapse under the massive transaction volumes of Forex Markets.

We Stream Your High Frequency Trading Data into our Best of Class Time Series Data Analytics Platform

Giving you Real-time Accurate Visual Dashboards for Deep Understand of your Risk Position, Market and Trading Activity

Delivering you Risk Alerts for Immediate Awareness of Risk Policy Breaches

Confidence you need to Grow

Transparency to Demonstrate Compliance

Brokers Served
Meta Servers Monitored
Trade Messages Processed Per Day
$ 14000
Flow Analysed Per Day

Streaming Capture

Time Series Database

Tapaas Analytics

Alerts & Notifications

Visualisation Dashboards

What our Customers are saying

It’s not possible to rely on information that’s a few minutes old. Now [with Tapaas], to the second, we can know the exact position of the company, our clients, our counterparties. We can reconcile that, and we can be confident where we stand.

— Angus Walker, Director, IC Markets

  • Thanks for the update! It was great meeting you, and finally understanding where to look for data that I need. If next time we have snapshot issue I know I can go to Tapaas for help 😊 And Tapaas is awesome!!😁 I can't imagine how we can work without it!

    Lucy Lu, CPA IC Markets / Finance Manager
  • I find Tapaas support great. They are responding very quickly and are always helpful. I even emailed an inquiry to them at 11 p.m. on a Friday night and got a response the next minute. If I knew that someone would respond that late, I would wait until Monday to send out the email.

    Savvas Neophytou FP Markets

How much did it cost last time you thought you were fully hedged but you actually weren’t?

What if you could have seen it immediately on a Dashboard?

Or received a timely Alert or Notification?

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Learn how we help you tackle the challenges of Managing Risk in the electronic trading business

  • Thousands of Traders

    A successful broker will have thousands of traders and their Algo's

  • Multiple Trading Platforms

    Connected to one or many Meta or cTrader Servers

  • Warehouse vs STP

    With a Bridge routing between Warehouse and STP

  • Multiple Liquidity Providers

    Constructing prices and hedging through many Liquidity Providers

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We understand What an FX Broker needs to Win

We understand What an FX Broker needs to Win

Brokerage is Competitive

The FX Brokerage business is very competitive.  Investors are spoiled for choice of brokers which all seem to offer the same trading capability.

Investors and traders look deeply at the offering before they choose.  Many of them will open accounts on several broker platforms comparing many aspects of their performance.  To win new clients, a broker cannot simply rely on marketing and introducing brokers.  They need to offer quality, consistently tight spreads and best execution.

To Win you need Analytics

The old adage you can’t manage what you can’t measure is probably truer in today’s electronic trading business than any other.  To measure what is going in your business, from your incoming liquidity streams to your customers’ trading and exposure behaviours, requires sophisticated Real-time Tick Data Analytics.  That is the type of capability that used to be accessible only to the biggest Wall Street Banks.

At Tapaas we understand what it takes to win as a broker.  We know that means sophisticated Real-time Tick Data Analytics and Visual Discovery.  But we also understand that because of the scale of broker operations an expensive team of quants and technologists and complex technology is not feasible.

So Tapaas brings you this technology in a way that fits your business.

Attract Customers with Tight Spreads, Fast Execution and Low Slippage.

Know when your liquidity providers aren’t delivering the depth of liquidity and spreads they promised.

Know your realtime risk exposure, P&L and know when to hedge.

Know when you have latency in your pricing and automatically prevent being arbed.

Detect when trades in your systems don't match your liquidity provider.

See Who is Feeling the Confidence

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Off the Shelf Analytics

Trading Toxicity Analytics

Brokers who choose to warehouse some risk need to continually assess which trades they want to take onto their books. The ability to do this effectively will have a massive impact on broker profitability. Too often brokers identify clients whom they realise they should be STP’ing retrospectively after they have taken significant losses on warehousing their risk. While Tapaas components like the Risk Cube and Risk Alerting provide very effective tools to mitigate risk in real-time, it is clearly better practice to analyse client trading behaviour and manage client book assignments proactively.

Tapaas accumulates a comprehensive time series database of trades and quotes that can be used to analyse client trading behaviour and predict those future trades that are better to STP rather than warehouse. Generally such toxicity business rules are a broker’s secret sauce which they will perfect over time and guard jealously. The Tapaas Client Trading Toxicity Framework provides a powerful backtesting framework integrated with the Tapaas time series database of the brokers trades and quotes, which allows brokers to identify, refine and validate various toxicity strategies.

Real-time Risk Management and Visualisation

Managing risk effectively starts with instantaneously seeing all of your client and proprietary positions and their associated risk aggregated across all of your trading servers. The Tapaas Risk Cube provides this data in real-time through a state-of-the-art streaming OLAP cube that enables the broker to pivot their view of risk through the full range of dimensions such as client, symbol or book, drill down to identify the key sources of risk and then effortlessly take actions to mitigate that risk.

Along with those capabilities, Tapaas can manage the real-time migration of clients between books and dealing with resultant hedge position impacts by either presenting dealers with aggregated net hedge imbalances or automatically placing necessary net hedge trades to eliminate exposure.

And because risk management shouldn’t rely on a dealer to spot potential risk, a comprehensive set of alerts are available that alert when client or symbol P&L or exposure breach user-defined levels. These alerts can be even be set to take automated remedial action by shifting clients between books and placing the necessary hedges.

Trade Reconciliation

How do you know that the trading positions you are looking at are correct? When do you find out about out trades? When do you discover that the MT4 plugins that you are using have issues that cause you to lose money?

The key to solving these issues lies in real-time reconciliation of trades. The trades that come from your liquidity provider must match the price maker trades notified by your bridge. And the price taker trades notified by your bridge should match the trades appearing in your MT4 systems. Tapaas provides a real-time reconciliation engine that performs this analysis and alerts immediately a break is detected so you can take action to mitigate any risk. It lets you stay on top of any issues before you lose money or before a client complains.

Liquidity Provider Analysis

In addition to analysing pricing that has been aggregated, brokers who have access to feeds upstream from their aggregator, can benefit from analysing individual liquidity sources.

A rather naive approach to order routing is to simply send ones order to the liquidity provider at the top of the book.  However, the provider with the best price might frequently reject orders with even slight movements in the market while others honour their quotes more reliably.  To achieve the best quality execution, a broker needs a means to use a less naive order routing algorithm.

Tapaas Liquidity Provider Analysis can be used to make longer term strategic decisions about how you use your liquidity providers.  They can also be used in real-time to inform a more sophisticated order routing algorithm to achieve reliable best execution.

Liquidity Spread Analysis

Brokers win business by offering quality pricing and excellent execution.  To do so requires the broker has well managed state of the art technology.  But it also depends directly on the quality of pricing and execution the broker receives from their Liquidity Provider(s).

Though we all know the Liquidity Providers have the best of intentions, they do need to be held to account for quality issues.

Identification of issues in the quality or pricing or execution can be done in a labour intensive way by sifting through transaction logs and manually comparing timestamps.  This is typically done after customers have complained about high rejection rates or missed opportunities.

With Tapaas Liquidity Spread Analysis, brokers can discover issues with the incoming price streams in real-time.  They can also be alerted to issues detected.