We help our customers profit from insight using the Big Data Analytics technology prevalent in the world’s largest institutional banks.

We help our customers profit from insight using the Big Data Analytics technology prevalent in the world’s largest institutional banks.

Tapaas Vision

We operate in the world of electronic trading, eCommerce and the internet where risks, threats and vulnerabilities abound. People who are responsible for risk management, dealing, and operations in this environment have a nearly impossible task because there is too much data changing too fast for them to make any sense of it, much less make optimal decisions.

In the absence of appropriate tools and technology, the next incident could come at any moment and cost their company millions of dollars and lose them their jobs.

So, we have built Tapaas, a Streaming Data Analytics Platform (as a Service) which processes trading events and incidents; delivers visual analytics, insights, alerts and notifications; has sharing and collaboration; and facilitates remedial response, so they can regain control and confidence and get their life back; become highly successful and deliver amazing results for their employers.

Our Platform is designed, built and operated with these essential ingredients

  • > 70 years combined experience designing, building, optimising and operating real-time algorithmic trading and risk management systems
  • Real-time Time Series Data Pipeline Architecture – Powered by Kdb+ from Kx
  • Visual Analytics and Discovery – Powered by Panopticon from Datawatch
  • DevOps Automation – Powered by Ansible and Python
  • Passion for Speed, Accuracy, Dependability and Customer Success – Powered by us

We come from Electronic Trading Technology in some of the world’s largest financial institutions.

If you are contemplating becoming a Customer, Employee, Partner or Supplier of Tapaas, I think you should understand who we are.  Who we are is of course, the culmination of the life experiences and responses to opportunities and challenges each of the founders and team members have faced.  Tom and I, the co-founders of Tapaas, are seasoned technology and business professionals with many years experience in building innovative ground breaking solution in demanding environments like financial markets, telecommunications and health.

We met in the Australia branch of Salomon SmithBarney, one of the world’s most successful investment banks.  On the wall of the Australian CEO’s office was a motto “Better to ask forgiveness than permission.”  The motto was incredibly empowering to the team.  But, this empowerment brought with it the great responsibility as well.  Rather than develop political skills necessary to navigate layers of bureaucracy to get approval from everyone, we learned to make good risk reward decisions and live with the consequences.  Initiative and success were rewarded with large bonuses.  Failure was sometimes forgiven, sometimes career ending. The risk reward mix at Salomon’s attracted the most intelligent, talented and motivated people I have met. It created an amazing atmosphere of camaraderie and intense drive to push boundaries.  Who we are of course influences how we are building and operating this company.

This is the story about my career; how I met Tom; and why we decided to start Tapaas together.

Our Team

  • David Hall Co Founder and CEO

    David is a co founder of Tapaas.  He is an entrepreneur, angel investor and technologist.  He has over 20 years experience successfully delivering technology solutions to businesses primarily in financial markets.  He has worked as a software developer, management consultant, software salesman, solution and enterprise architect, project manager and department head.  David’s passion is solving complex business problems with cool technology.

  • Tom Vasak Co Founder and CTO

    Tom is a co-founder and the CTO of Tapaas. He is recognised as a transformational visionary who brings an expert level of knowledge in capital markets business and technology domains.  With his wealth of experience and business acumen, his insights are highly sought after in strategic conversations at the most senior levels. Tom combines deep understanding of the business domain with an unparalleled breadth of technical skills and experience.

    Tom holds a degree in Computer Science/Mathematics as well as a PhD in Computer Science from Uni of NSW.  Throughout his career, he has delivered ground-breaking solutions across financial markets, telecommunications, intelligent transport systems and biomedical engineering domains.

    Tom is a well-known figure in the Australian financial markets sphere, having over 20 years’ experience in delivering cutting edge institutional and retail trading technology in Australia, Asia Pac and Europe.  Prior to founding Tapaas, Tom provided consultancy in the retail FX industry and before that was the Asia Pac regional architect for Citi Equities and a key contributor to Citi’s Equities technology strategy globally.  He has also held technical roles with Deutsche Bank and Reuters internationally.

  • Tony Halse Quantitative Analyst and Solutions Architect

    Tony is the Quantitative Analyst and a Solutions Architect of Tapaas. He has over 30 years of experience in the Finance Industry. He obtained a Mathematics Degree from Oxford University and has recently worked as an Institutional Markets Technology Team Manager for CitiBank. Tony has an in-depth experience of developing trading systems, covering a broad range of technologies and assets.

  • Andria Orphanidou Customer Success Manager

    Andria is the Customer Success Manager of Tapaas since October 2017. She is responsible for ensuring that Tapaas customers are successful by fully comprehending and utilising the capabilities of the Tapaas Platform, by addressing their business problems and providing appropriate solutions or guidance.

    Andria holds a Computer Science degree from the University of Southampton and a Masters degree in IT with Business and Management from the University of Sussex.

    She has three years of experience in IT and Management Consulting working for KPMG, Cyprus, with involvement in IT Audit reviews such as Internal Control Framework (ICF), Information Security and Attestation reviews. During her time, she was also involved in software implementation projects as a UAT Analyst and member of the PMO Office. Previously, she had worked for two years as a Technologies graduate at American Express UK as a Project Analyst.

  • Cagan Cerkez Operations and Support Specialist

    Cagan joined Tapaas on April 2019 as Operations and Support Specialist. He has +9 years of experience at multiple levels of technical support in the Finance and Risk industry. Prior to Tapaas he worked as a first level Technical Support Executive and then as a second level Technical Specialist at Thomson Reuters after which he became the Team Manager for 3.5 years during 2016 – 2019, providing support to FX, finance and risk customers in Malta, Turkey, Greece, Africa and the Middle East.

    He holds a BSc Electrical Engineering degree from Michigan Technological University and MSc Environmental Design & Engineering degree from University College London.

    His personal interests include cryptocurrencies & blockchain, designing electronic circuit boards, mobile app development, fishing and playing volleyball.

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