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Our Team

Tom Vasak - Tapaas

Tom Vasak

Co Founder & CEO

David Hall - Tapaas

David Hall

Co Founder

Daniel Johnsun


Our mission is to equip brokers with real-time, actionable insights to identify and control risks, allowing them to safeguard and grow their businesses.

Our Platform is designed, built and operated with these essential ingredients:

> 70 years combined experience

Our combined experience designing, building, optimising and operating real-time algorithmic trading and risk management systems

Passion for Speed

Passion for Speed, Accuracy, Dependability and Customer Success – Powered by us

Real-time, Time Series Data

Real-time Time Series Data Pipeline Architecture – Powered by Kdb+ by Kx

Visual Analytics and Discovery

Visual Analytics and Discovery – Powered by Altair Panopticon

Why Tapaas Works

David Hall


Tom Vasak

Co Founder and CTO

Tony Halse

Quantitative Analyst and Solutions Architect


Customer Success Manager


Operations and Support Specialist

George Koutroukis

Head of Sales EMEA

Rose Sayegh

Operations and Support Specialist

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