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Tapaas enhances its Alerts module

Alerts shouldn’t be annoying! 

Alerts should be prompt, concise and allow for quick decisions to help prevent serious losses. 

New Tapaas Alert functionality was recently developed to achieve just that.

And most importantly to provide more clarity on real, current threats by replacing tiring emails.

We’ve now enhanced it even more by adding new features to make alert management easier for our customers.

They can now see what is a new breach, an ongoing or a non-threat, followed by all sorts of details to help them act quickly and knowledgeably. 

Details such as the breach time, symbol(s) or account(s) in breach and trading history allow users to make informed decisions, foresee risks and better understand their clients and market challenges

They can examine breaches quickly through the click of a button, by navigating to Tapaas functionality bespoke for different sorts of threats. 

Also, with the recent changes, Tapaas users can tag outcomes to alerts to flag real threats. 

That way, dealers collaborate and delegate better, as they now know what has been checked already or what is an open breach which requires further attention. 

The latest Alerts functionality can also serve as an audit log for the Dealing room!

One of our customers quotes “Tapaas keeps improving as new market challenges and needs arise every day”.

The cherry on top is that Tapaas users no longer have to stare at the screen waiting for a new alert, as they can easily enable sound and notification settings to alarm them when time comes. 

Another customer who effectively used the Alerts functionality to overcome a big challenge quotes “Tapaas can really stick with us in sickness and health”, as they got all the insight needed to identify, analyse and isolate the problem. 

The new Tapaas Alerts module can also integrate with external workflow management systems, where alerts will be raised as tickets and enriched with comments, screenshots and more. It’s currently possible to integrate with Zendesk, but we can support other systems on demand.

Reach out to us to find out more about Alerts module and other Tapaas functionalities.


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