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Tapaas Report Scheduler

Tapaas supports areas of your brokerage other than Dealing!

Tapaas new Reporting module – the Report Scheduler is specifically developed for those users who need limited access to Tapaas. 

A series of reports are readily available to support the broader day-to-day tasks, regulatory or management reporting of the brokerage.

The Report Scheduler is available on the left navigation sidebar of the new Tapaas UI and allows for reports to run ad-hoc or scheduled to run on a recurring basis.

Multiple reporting jobs can be triggered to run concurrently and clients who use Tapaas API will now be able to retrieve the data via REST API on suitable schedules. 

Reports like EOD positions, Spread metrics, Daily alert metrics, Symbol quotes and more can be emailed or downloaded as CSV. 

“On top of providing us with real-time comprehensive risk management modules, Tapaas is great at customising solutions to our niche demands with excellent communications”

Compared to dashboards, the Report Scheduler is better suited to historical data extracts and does not offer data visualisation and analysis features. 

“Report users” will be permissioned to access the Report Scheduler but not any dashboards, like a typical full-package Web dashboard user can do. 

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