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Renewing the relationship with Altair Panopticon

Since its inception, Tapaas’s main mission has been to provide brokers with real-time insights to manage risk and expand their businesses.

In our pursuit of this mission, we have developed highly sophisticated dashboards that leverage state of the art visualisation technology from Altair Panopticon.

Over the years, Altair Panopticon has stood as a valuable ally for business users across various sectors. It has consistently provided them with the tools necessary to construct and refine sophisticated data visualisation applications.

By allowing users to modify and create their own data visualisation applications, Panopticon has effectively democratised data analysis. This enables users to transform complex data into actionable insights.

Tapaas’s dashboards are designed to present data in an intuitive and visually engaging manner, making it easier for brokers to make informed decisions quickly.

We are celebrating another milestone in our journey, marking yet another year of our enduring collaboration with Altair Panopticon. This cherished partnership has fostered mutual growth and success over the years, becoming a key part of our story.


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