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Tapaas announces a new User Interface

Our users can now manage everything from one place!

As we look to simplify our customers’ lives, we are now offering them a way to reap all Tapaas benefits through a single GUI.

The new Tapaas User Interface (UI) gathers it all together – dashboards, alerts, help and service desk, infrastructure monitoring tools and more. 

“I’ve just joined the team but all I can say is that by searching for a keyword and checking the description, I can easily find what I’m looking for. Excellent work and very easy to navigate!”

According to the feedback we’ve got so far, the new UI does offer ease of use and an overall better user experience. 

Even so, we want the transition to the new UI to be as smooth as possible.

For this reason, we’ve delivered training and developed help content, while we keep the two UIs running in parallel for some time.

Tapaas Support is also available on a 24h basis to answer any questions – as always.

“I don’t pay the bill, but we most certainly get the value we’re paying for with Tapaas”.

If you’re looking for a fully functional risk management tool, book your demo with us.


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