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Tapaas is a proud KX OEM Partner

Kdb+ by KX, a leader in time series and high volume data management, is renowned as the world’s fastest time-series database and analytics engine.

We are thrilled to announce that we have become OEM KX partners.

KX is recognized for partnering with dynamic companies and offering customers the opportunity to boost their data innovation.

Given the nature of our business, which requires managing large volumes of high-frequency data in real time, we have been utilizing kdb+’s time-series database since our inception.

Kdb+ enables us to handle data records tied to timestamps. These represent measurements or events that are tracked, monitored, and aggregated over time, distinguishing a time series from a relational database. Moreover, once the data is stored, it cannot be altered or deleted.

It is widely accepted that a time-series database is an excellent fit for the FX world we cater to.

Becoming part of KX’s partner network grants us access to advanced features and the broad capacity of the KX platform, including ML and AI modules.

Having collaborated with kdb+ and KX for over a decade, the OEM partnership strengthens our enduring relationship. We eagerly anticipate the additional milestones we will achieve together.


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