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Now you’re in control of your Risk Alerts

Have you ever wanted to tune your risk alert settings but decided it was too hard?

The old screen was perhaps ok for the simplest settings. But some of the Alerts have complicated settings and long lists of arguments.

“We check Tapaas alerts every morning when we get to the office and throughout the day. They are very important to us. Is it possible to change their settings on our own?”

“I’m new at the office. I receive many alerts, is there a way to adapt their thresholds?”

We’ve been listening and now we are super excited to be launching the new Risk Alert Settings dashboard.

That means you will finally be able to change risk alert settings yourself, easily. You no longer need to puzzle over how to do it or contact us to do this for you! 

Just look for a history of an alert to understand what triggered it and decide a better value, or simply move to the new Risk Alert Settings dashboard to review and update current settings.

“Tapaas listens to our needs. The new Risk Alerts dashboard, which also shows how many times alerts trigger daily is certainly a step towards a better direction.”

With this update, you are getting on top, knowing where to look and how to take control of Tapaas behaviour!


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