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Making Code, Data and Visualisation More Human

Mike Bostock announces, a major step in advancing his vision to make code, data and visualisation more human.  Using the Note Book paradigm like Jupyter, he has developed a Web First (just need a browser) notebook programming paradigm where people can create and share documents embedding code, data, visualisation and text to make an incredibly powerful collaborative tool for exploring data and discovering insights.

I am sure I am just one of thousands, or millions of Mike Bostock fans.  His work is pervasive and his passion for  advancing the state of the art in visualisation and analysis is apparent in the quality of his work.  I only wish I had more time to experiment with his hugely popular d3.js graphics library.  You could spend days just exploring all the amazing visualisation examples available on his site.

If, like me, you get excited about tools that help people explore data through visualisation and collaboration to discover valuable insights, then you should watch this video and stay tuned to see how grows.

Lot’s of great nuggets:

  • a Web First notebook paradigm for code and visual exploration and discovery.
  • How to make the analysis of quantitative phenomena accessible to common people.
  • Reactive State programming

If you can’t get away from code, how about make it better.

I can’t wait to see the possibilities when we integration with Tapaas Labs data sets to uncover new profitable insights available in our data.


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