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Insight News Letter

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Insight News Letter

Tapaas 2020 Year In Review

In times of extremely high market volatility and equally high trading volumes like what we saw in 2020, the need for serious risk management and trading analytics becomes particularly critical. People know who to call when they’ve decided it’s time to get serious about their risk management.

Insight News Letter


Insight News Letter

What is Tapaas doing to help us through the Crisis?

Considering the business our customers are in, there are two impacts that immediately come to mind: How are Tapaas customers being impacted? and What can Tapaas do to help?

Insight News Letter

2019 Year in Review

2019 was a year of fulfilling dreams from ticking a box on my personal bucket list to building out our global team and adding game changing features to the Tapaas Platform.

Insight News Letter

Why was my order not traded at the requested price?

This question might sound familiar – it is among the most common ones our customers get from traders all the time, which they need to answer within a short amount of time.

tapaas London Summit 2019
Insight News Letter

Meet Tapaas CEO at London Summit 2019

A great opportunity for you to learn how our Real-time Time-series Analytics Platform helps our customers with Risk Management, Trader Surveillance and Profiling, Best Execution and a series of other challenges they face.

tapaas - trader profiling and labelling
Customer Stories

Trader Profiling and Labelling

From using time-consuming spreadsheets to getting real-time system alerts on our dashboard – we changed the way brokers label and build trader profiles for ever.

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