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Tapaas Releases New Risk Alert Manager Dashboard

According to our customers, receiving Risk Alerts and Notifications from Tapaas, wherever they are, is one of the most valuable features of our Forex Broker’s Risk Management Solution. This service complements the Risk Visualisation Dashboards by sending alerts when there are events which require immediate attention and action.

The first version of our Risk Alerts Engine was very effective. It allowed brokers to customise the alerts with limits and parameters which were suitable to their business needs and risk policy. It was also quite flexible, so addition of new alert types was quite quick.

While the Risk Alerts Engine proved to be very valuable to our customers, we reviewed all our support requests and customer feedback and found the following to be most common recurring questions or requests:

  • What are the current limits and thresholds of this alert?
  • Which alerts have been triggered right now?
  • When was the last time this alert ran?
  • What were the contents of most recently sent alerts?
  • What does this alert actually mean?
  • Which alerts are available and what are their settings?
  • Can you change the profit limit from X to Y?

Up to recently, getting these questions answered or changes made required an email to Turn around time on these was generally pretty quick. But, we decided it’s time to put the power in our customer’s hands. So, we built the new Alert Manager Dashboard.

Risk Alert Manager Dashboard

With the New Risk Alert Manager Dashboard, a Dealer can immediately see which alerts are available, which are enabled and the last time they ran.

Risk Management Solution Dashboard

Most Recent Alert Content with Action Links

Further, with a click, you can see the contents of the most recently sent Alert. If the Alert has Actions available, like Switch to STP, the Action Link will also appear. This provides the ability to immediately Action Alerts directly from the Dashboard.

Risk Management Action Links

Alert Help Text

There are many alerts and many have sophisticated algorithms, it is not easy to remember exactly what they all mean or what parameters are available to customise them. So, we have added Alert Help Text. The Help Text explains the details, logic and parameters available to customise the Alert to suit the broker’s policies and requirements.

Risk Management Alerts

Live Alert Settings Changes

There is also a dashboard available with a list of all the current Risk Alert Settings. It displays the settings, the default settings and facility to input new settings. Alert Settings changed via this dashboard take effect immediately with no need to restart the service.

Kaizen and Feedback

Kaizen, is the Japanese word ascribed to the business practice of continuous improvement in product and process. It could perhaps be interpreted as the relentless pursuit of perfection.

I learned about Kaizen while I was living in Tokyo for about eight years. While I was there, I was frustrated by what I thought was their very slow approach to innovation. They would tell me, “be patient Dave-San, it’s called Kaizen.” Then we’d down another pint of Asahi! Those are fond memories. But, I learned about applying Kaizen and still doing it today.

So, Kaizen is what we do at Tapaas and that requires feedback. So, please keep the feedback coming. I really appreciate when customers take the time to complain because I feel it is an expression of confidence that we’re actually listening and they trust that we will actually do something about it.

If you have any complaints or suggestions, please send them through.


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