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Learning Kdb+ Resources

At Tapaas, we use Kdb+ from Kx Systems the defacto standard in timeseries data analytics aka a Tick Database.

Our Tapaas Alpha platform is built on Kdb+ on the inside.  But we also make available certain tables and views of our database to our customers so they can build their own queries, reports and dashboards.  As such, they’ll need to learn a bit of Q the language of Kdb+.

First of all, a free version of Kdb+ is available for download ( see the licence for terms and conditions ) for learning and research here on the Kx Download page.  I’d encourage anyone wanting to learn Kdb+ to go there, download and give it a try.

I think you’ll find the Q language is concise and the documentation is equally concise.. The heart of the documentation is the Kx Wiki which really has much of what you’ll need.  But sometimes, we all need a little more.. So,

Commercial Tutorials

We have enjoyed working with the folks from AquaQ for many years and their AquaQ Analytics training resources are outstanding.

Tutorials Point has a Kdb+ section ( loaded with advertising 🙂  But still quite nicely laid out for those new to Kdb+.


Sometimes, you need more 🙂  So, there’s the Kx Community resources which are continually growing.

The Stackoverflow community for Kdb+ is quite active and responsive.

I hope you find these resources useful.  Please comment below with your favourite Kdb+ resources.


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