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Announcing Tapaas Lite Risk Management for Retail Brokers

Tapaas Lite bridges the gap, bringing the tool to brokers that are not managing multiple platforms.

Following the success of our enterprise version of Tapaas, we received requests from brokers that are not managing multiple platforms. After extended development, we are pleased to announce the release of Tapaas Lite. The public announcement was released originally through Finance Magnates.

Back in November of 2015, the Tapaas Alpha product was debuted at the Finance Magnates Expo in London. Tapaas Alpha was the first product of its kind to combine the vast data mining capabilities of the KDB+ system with a robust analytics and visualisation framework designed exclusively to meet the risk management and reporting needs of enterprise scale retail brokers and prime of primes.

Numerous tools in the industry augment the reporting capabilities of popular platforms such as MT4: the Visual Edge system, Centorid 24, and others all address various limitations in the out of the box reporting and analytics that come via the well-known ecosystem of platforms and bridges on the market today.

Tapaas Alpha clearly went beyond even these tools, relying on the same enterprise data engine that drove many of the quant funds and bank liquidity offerings in the retail trading market.

The downside was that Tapaas Alpha was clearly not for everyone, with much of its functionality, and cost basis, refined towards brokers managing multiple front-end platforms (MT4, MT5, cTrader, etc.) and highly complex liquidity environments. With the latest announcement of Tapaas Lite, it’s clear that the competitive landscape for reporting at small to medium retail brokerages is changing.

“During the first two years of deploying, expanding and learning from our clients on the Tapaas Alpha platform we got a great sense of the demands of what we call the ‘enterprise level’ Retail broker.”, explained David Hall, CEO of Tapaas.

“At the same time, we clearly identified that a lot of the out of the box functionality and price point really wasn’t necessary for a very valid and thriving segment of the industry. By refining our toolset towards the specific needs of these clients, we are confident we’ve created a very attractive solution that not only addresses current gaps in the market but also acts as a great stepping stone up to our full Tapaas Alpha product as the broker grows,” Hall elaborated.

During the first two years of deploying, expanding and learning from our clients on the Tapaas Alpha platform we got a great sense of the demands of what we call the ‘enterprise level’ Retail broker. The primary difference between Tapaas Alpha and Tapaas Lite, as explained by Mr Hall to Finance Magnates, is in the types of feeds it relies on, and how the product is delivered. While Tapaas Alpha required connections to the front-end (ex: MT4) the bridge and the LP, Tapaas Lite only requires a connection to MT4. In terms of client interface, Tapaas Alpha required a desktop application, often hosted on-site with the MT4/bridge, while Tapaas Lite is delivered purely via the web.

Based on an increasing trend of regulators imposing reporting, risk management oversight and restrictions into retail firms, it is certain that products like Tapaas Lite will continue to be an area of increased interest.


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