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Tapaas becomes a Datawatch Reseller Partner

I am very excited to announce that we (Tapaas Pty Ltd), have become a Reseller Partner of Datawatch.

Datawatch visual data discovery solutions let business professionals access, visualize and analyze data from any source – including streaming data — to make faster and more accurate business decisions.

Why Datawatch?

Once we finished development of version 1 of our core streaming analytics platform based on Kdb from Kx Systems, we quickly realised that Visualisation and Discovery was essential for our customers to quickly gain profitable insights from our analytics.

To add visualisatin, we were faced with the classic build vs buy decision.

We needed:

  • Very high resolution graphics required to optimise precious screen real-estate of the dealing desks where we deploy;
  • Powerful timeseries visualisation widgets, as most of our data is temporal;
  • Real-time streaming (not frequent polling) in order to cope with high volume updates of financial data; and
  • Native Kdb for both database queries and ticker-plant subscription.

We considered coding our own HTML5/js based solution using fantastic technologies such as d3.js and knockout.js.  But we rapidly determined that would have take us away from our core competency and added tremendous time to market for our product.

We cast out the net and looked at the usual suspects in Discovery and BI.  We also included a few less familiar ones.  We determined that Datawatch was most fit for purpose for our applications.

Powerful Viz is more important to us than Ease of Use

Honestly, we found Datawatch a little difficult to use at first.  Like most software developers, we didn’t have time to read the manual or take a course.  So, of course, we downloaded the demo and started hacking.

We did get the basics working quickly.  But we struggled to get our real-time risk position table updating properly.  Each new tick of the data seemed to replace the entire table rather than update.  Perhaps the solution will be a future blog post. 🙂

After some colourful words and nearly giving up on the product, we threw in the towel and called the local Datawatch office for help.  After about 10 minutes with Seyha Nou, the local Datawatch guru, we had our real-time risk position Viz working and were immediately convinced we’d found the right solution.

Visualisation Independent but Partners

The Tapaas strategy has been to remain independent from any particular database, analytics language, data provider or visualisation.  But we found great synergy between our vision – Profit from Insight – and the Datawatch vision – Get the Whole Story.  So, we signed up for the partnership and look forward to the new opportunities this will bring.

Now we can bundle the Datawatch Visual Discovery technology with Tapaas Analytics Platform for what our customers are seeing is a compelling solution to the challenge of quickly gaining insights from streaming data.

To learn more about our solutions for customers, such as FX Retail Brokers, please see the FX Solution page.



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