About Tapaas

The Analytics Platform as a Service (Tapaas) provides analytics and real-time information to forex brokers and firms. The Tapaas tagline is “Profit from insight”.  The means, we aim to provide our customers with tools and technology that gives them the best available insight and access to actions, to optimise their profits.

Tapaas is a growing and innovative company. We expand and create features and modules to suit our customers’ needs. We also update our services to ensure that customers are always given the most accurate, real-time data needed in a volatile FX market. The Tapaas team prides themselves on delivering needed features and add-ons, as well as support and technical assistance, swiftly.

We are a diverse team of individuals who come from different backgrounds and places. We have team members in Australia, which is our home base, Cyprus, and the Philippines.

Available Roles

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