Tom VasakCo Founder and CTO

Tom is a co-founder and the CTO of Tapaas. He is recognised as a transformational visionary who brings an expert level of knowledge in capital markets business and technology domains.  With his wealth of experience and business acumen, his insights are highly sought after in strategic conversations at the most senior levels. Tom combines deep understanding of the business domain with an unparalleled breadth of technical skills and experience.

Tom holds a degree in Computer Science/Mathematics as well as a PhD in Computer Science from Uni of NSW.  Throughout his career, he has delivered ground-breaking solutions across financial markets, telecommunications, intelligent transport systems and biomedical engineering domains.

Tom is a well-known figure in the Australian financial markets sphere, having over 20 years’ experience in delivering cutting edge institutional and retail trading technology in Australia, Asia Pac and Europe.  Prior to founding Tapaas, Tom provided consultancy in the retail FX industry and before that was the Asia Pac regional architect for Citi Equities and a key contributor to Citi’s Equities technology strategy globally.  He has also held technical roles with Deutsche Bank and Reuters internationally.