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Is there an Alert based on Deposit Amount?

Category: Tapaas AlphaIs there an Alert based on Deposit Amount?
David Hall">David Hall Staff asked 52 years ago
1 Answers
David Hall">David Hall Staff answered 52 years ago

There is not an alert on Deposit amount by itself.    Rather than a simple alert on large deposit, we have a Suspicious Client Alert which is based on a number of criteria including the deposit amount and how soon they invest a substantial portion of it.   So, for example, the Suspicious Client Alert checks the following: check every 1200 seconds for deposits > US $5000, and alert if within 20 minutes, they invested > 25% of the deposit.   Each of the numerical values is a customer defined parameter or limit.   Furthermore, a large deposit in an account with a large leverage ratio would probably trigger the Excessive Potential Exposure alert.      

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