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Managing risk effectively starts with instantaneously seeing all of your client and proprietary positions and their associated risk aggregated across all of your trading servers. The Tapaas Risk Cube provides this data in real-time through a state-of-the-art streaming OLAP cube that enables the broker to pivot their view of risk through the full range of dimensions such as client, symbol or book, drill down to identify the key sources of risk and then effortlessly take actions to mitigate that risk.

Along with those capabilities, Tapaas can manage the real-time migration of clients between books and dealing with resultant hedge position impacts by either presenting dealers with aggregated net hedge imbalances or automatically placing necessary net hedge trades to eliminate exposure.

And because risk management shouldn’t rely on a dealer to spot potential risk, a comprehensive set of alerts are available that alert when client or symbol P&L or exposure breach user-defined levels. These alerts can be even be set to take automated remedial action by shifting clients between books and placing the necessary hedges.

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