Explore and Discover
We help our customers explore their data and discover profitable insights.
Prove your Model with Analytics
We help you prove and optimise your business model by applying sophisticated analytics on your data.
Monetise your Data
Gain new value from your data by making it available for analytics in a secure cloud platform.
Collaborate and Discover
Secure sharing of medical device diagnostic data to accelerate the discovery the conditions of the patient.

Profit from insights from your Big Data even if you don’t have the technology or know-how.

Explore your data to discover profitable insights

Do you have data assets that you are not currently mining to find profitable insights?

If your business consumes or generates large amounts of data that you are not leveraging to provide predictive insights, our Exploration Service will help you understand if you have an untapped asset or require rather an archival and disposal strategy.

We help you determine if you are sitting on a gold mine or a slag heap.

Prove or Optimise your business model using data analytics

Do you have a Data Driven Business?  Or perhaps you have a value proposition that needs to be substantiated with data?

With our Prove-Optimise Service, we help businesses understand their value chain and find the relevant data and analytics to be used to optimise their business model.  This may include customer or provider analytics that can be used in a low velocity way such as negotiations or high velocity as signals into algorithms used in your business.

This service includes articulation of the model; design of the proof; identification of required data; sourcing, cleansing and quality control of the data; analytics and visualisation development; distribution through publication and/or hosting.

Monetise your Data

Do you have a Data Set of value to a broader community but you lack the facility to make it available for analytics in a secure, anonymised and measured fashion?

Our Data Hosting Service makes data sets available for analytics development in a secure environment.  It manages access and assure only authorised paid subscribers have access to the data.  By anonymising the data, privacy and confidentiality constraints are enforced.  Data is made available on the platform for analytics, not simply download.

By making you data available for Data Scientists and other consumers to mine, perform analytics you can monetise your data in new and innovative ways providing you business with a new revenue stream.

We are building the Platform, Community and Market Place with You in mind….

  • Analytics Users

    Imagine you could access a wide variety of Analytics provided by the best Quants and apply them to the Richest Data Sets securely combined with your private data to give you profitable insights.

  • Quants and Data Scientists

    Imagine you could build new innovative analytics in a collaborative development environment with access to a vast array of data sets. Best of all, there is a market place where you can monetise your insights.

  • Data Owners

    Imagine you could realise greater value from your data assets, if there was an Analytics Platform with a Subscription and Royalty Management facility to metered and controlled access.


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